John 4:43-54

John 4:43-54 Questions in Pdf 

  1. John chapters 2-12 are called Book of signs. How many signs did John introduce in Chapters 2-4?
  2. Where did Jesus perform the first and second signs?
  3. In Acts 1:8 how is a disciple to be a witness to Jesus? How is it foreshadowed in John 3 and 4?
  4. Where did the Royal Official’s son lay sick?
  5. Why do you think Jesus said that a prophet has no honor in his native place?
  6. Why did Galileans welcome Jesus?
  7. Do you think the Royal official believed in Jesus when he made the request to Jesus?
  8. Why did Jesus rebuke the Galileans?
  9. Compare the difference in the way the Samaritans and Galileans received/believed in Jesus.
  10. What does the first two signs teach us about the “Word of God”
  11. Compare the first two signs using the following table.
Sign 1 Sign 2
Request/ Statement John 2:3 John 4:47
Initial Response John 2:4 John 4:48
Command John 2:7 John 4:49
Action John 2:7 John 4:50
Sign/Miracle John 2:10 John 4:51
Final Result John 2:11b John 4:53b
  1. How does the parent’s faith affect his family?


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